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"How I Found Empowerment and Transformed My Life: A Personal Journey"

Updated: Apr 28

The Inner Light Evolved Founder - Jazmine Williams
Founder of The Inner Light Evolved - Jazmine Williams


Hi there, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jazmine Williams and I'm the heart and soul behind The Inner Light Evolved a transformational, manifestation and spiritual coaching business, and the creator and developer of Whole Self Mastery™.

I wanted to take a brief moment to connect with my fellow soul searchers traversing the personal transformation space by sharing with you a short story of how I found empowerment and transformed my life into what it is today. So if you feel called to read on let me begin here.


I’ve always had this feeling deep down that there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing. It's like I was stuck in this cycle of jumping into unhealthy relationships, trying to excel in life but always falling short, and chasing after satisfaction and purpose only to watch it slip through my fingers every time. To make matters worse, I was dealing with chronic health issues, and simultaneously battling anxiety and depression like it was a full-time job. It felt like I was stuck on a rat wheel, going nowhere fast.


Then, in 2017, I hit rock bottom. I was a young mum, stuck in yet another toxic relationship, and barely able to get out of bed most days due to chronic fatigue. I was still constantly anxious and depressed, and I couldn’t stand it anymore, I was fed up and was desperate for an easy out, but my life wasn't just about me anymore. I had my daughter to worry about too, I couldn’t just do what I’ve always done and avoid, detach or numb myself anymore, I wanted to die, but how could I betray my little one that way, something had to drastically change. That was my wake-up call - my ‘my ride or die' moment.


So, with nothing but the clothes on our backs and a handful of personal items, I took my daughter, and we made a run for it. Starting from scratch was scary as hell, but I was determined to break the cycle of abuse and settling for less in life. It was time for me to heal and that meant “doing the work”. I dove headfirst into self-reflection, digging into my past trauma, learning to find the root cause of my issues rather than another band aid solution and took control of my life transforming my physical, mental and emotional health.

I started exploring spirituality in a way that I’ve never done before, breaking down the old paradigm of what the word meant to me and found some inner peace and direction. It was a journey of healing and growth, one that led me to a whole new way of living. I learned to connect with my true self, letting go of old beliefs that held me back and embracing a more holistic view of life.

And you know what? It worked. I've started healing old wounds, tapping into my potential in ways I never thought possible, and found a sense of purpose that fills me up every day. It's like I've finally unlocked the door to a more abundant and aligned life, achieving things I never dreamed I could.


This journey has truly been a profound learning experience for me, laying the foundation for what I now teach in Whole Self Mastery™. I stand before you today as a direct result of these lessons. I’m deeply appreciative of the life experiences that have shaped me and the positively abundant life I’ve gained. That’s why I feel compelled to support you and share what I’ve learnt so you don’t have to navigate this this journey alone and can rapidly transform your life into what you know it was meant to be all along.


If you'd like to learn more about Whole Self Mastery™ or get to know how I can assist you in your personal journey, you can do so by clicking the link below and completing a contact form so that I can get back to you. Alternatively you can subscribe to my mailinglist to keep an eye out for new content straight from your inbox.

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